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S2-3-1 Receiving God's Promises

Many people have the misconception that we must put our lives in order before we can come to God to receive from Him. However we know this is impossible, for we cannot deal with sin ourselves. We can only put our lives in order by coming to God in repentance, believing in the Blood of Calvary, and receiving from Him not only His forgiveness but the empowerment we need to gain victory over sin. In this way He can not only make us clean, but also put us on the road to victory through the transforming power of His glorious Gospel.

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S2-1-2  Approaching God's Word

Intellectual knowledge alone of God’s Word will achieve nothing spiritually and be of very little use physically. It is only revelation knowledge - knowledge revealed to our hearts by the Holy Spirit - which will enable us to appropriate the promises. Once Christians have revelation knowledge of God’s Word in any area, there are two further elements needed to make this knowledge fruitful.

S2-1-2 - Approaching God's Word - MP3
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