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DEGREE courses

In order to effectively administer Diploma and  Associate Degree courses, it is crucial to have qualified markers who can assess and grade the students' answers in accordance with the standard of each College / School / Institution. It is important to designate individuals who possess the necessary qualifications / competence to correct and grade the submitted answers accurately.

Affiliates can utilize the resources of  Crossroads College to establish their unique standards by designing customized curricula and conducting student assessments.

Additionally, Affiliates have the option of enhancing their curriculum by providing online video teaching for certain subjects. This can serve as a supplement or alternative to traditional lectures offered to the students.


As a suggestion for the Associate Degree course, to evaluate students' comprehension and practical application of the material, consider introducing a requirement for them to create individual YouTube accounts.

This platform would enable students, after answering the study questions, to deliver concise 15 to 20-minute teachings in regard to the studies contained in each module.

This approach would not only showcase the student's understanding of the material but would also demonstrate their proficiency in preaching and teaching.

Again, it is vital to designate competent individuals who can accurately correct and grade the submitted answers to the course questions.

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