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S2-1-1 The Bible And Its Authorship

This teaching will help you discern in some areas between good and evil, that which is of God and that which is false teaching. We know that in the world there is much incorrect teaching and philosophy based on unproved theory, “gut feelings” and emotional responses. Therefore we need to be thoroughly grounded in God’s Word in order to distinguish right from wrong, and not be led astray by what someone thinks or feels in relation to truth, especially regarding spiritual and moral matters.

The Bible is the divinely inspired and authoritative written Word of God. Indeed God chose and anointed specific men over centuries of time to write down His principles and laws for the benefit of mankind, and these writings together make up a book called the Bible.

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S2-1-2  Approaching God's Word

Intellectual knowledge alone of God’s Word will achieve nothing spiritually and be of very little use physically. It is only revelation knowledge - knowledge revealed to our hearts by the Holy Spirit - which will enable us to appropriate the promises. Once Christians have revelation knowledge of God’s Word in any area, there are two further elements needed to make this knowledge fruitful.

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S2-2-1 Faith & Hope

In this teaching we will look at the subjects “Bible faith” and “spiritual hope” - their definitions, their functions, the relationship between them and their importance in the life of the Christian.

We as Believers have the presence of God within us, so it is reasonable to believe that God’s power must also reside within us as a potential. You will see as we study Bible Faith and Spiritual Hope that all things obtained from God come by His grace through the faith that He develops deep within us. In this way, God’s power residing within us as a potential is realized, and can be called upon accordingly.

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S2-2-2 The Flesh

This teaching on this subject is designed to help us understand the scriptural term “the flesh” - what it means to be led by the flesh and the consequences of doing so, and what it means to be led by the Spirit. We will also look into God’s way of gaining victory over the flesh.

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S2-3-1 Receiving God's Promises

Many people have the misconception that we must put our lives in order before we can come to God to receive from Him. However we know this is impossible, for we cannot deal with sin ourselves. We can only put our lives in order by coming to God in repentance, believing in the Blood of Calvary, and receiving from Him not only His forgiveness but the empowerment we need to gain victory over sin. In this way He can not only make us clean, but also put us on the road to victory through the transforming power of His glorious Gospel.

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S2-3-2 Divine Healing

Many people ask about Divine healing in relation to the Bible. The purpose of this section is therefore to help Christians gain a basic understanding of what the Bible has to say about healing, and to help Christians learn how God’s principles of healing can be applied to their lives.

As Christians, the focus of our faith must always be the Cross - therefore who we are in Christ and what we have in Him. This must always be the object of our faith.

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S2-4-1 The Nine Gifts Of The Spirit

When Christians are baptized in the Holy Spirit, they are immersed in and clothed with the power of God - the power from on high (Luke 24:49). This power is then available, at a potential level, to each Christian who is Spirit-baptized. The purpose of this is to make us effective soldiers of the Cross. The gifts of the Spirit are then the means by which God’s power is able to flow, as, of course, the Spirit sees fit (1 Corinthians 12:11).

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S2-4-2 The Fruit Of The Spirit 

It can be seen throughout scripture that bearing fruit is a significant part of the Christian walk. We should bear fruit as a matter of course, just as fruit on the tree appears naturally, drawing its life-giving power from the branches and the soil. Christ is our life-giving force, the vine of which we are the branches. So the fruit in our lives should reflect His character and should also appear naturally, not being something that can be manufactured or forced to grow through self-effort. Such fruit can only develop as we allow God’s grace to flow in our lives.

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S2-5-1 Praise And Worship 

In some Christian circles today, there is a strong emphasis on praise and worship. However, often there is a lack of understanding concerning the purpose of praise and its place in the Christian walk. This brief teaching on “praise and worship” outlines what the scriptures declare true praise to be and what the Christian can expect as they seek to worship God “in spirit and in truth”, as John 4:23-24 tells us to do.

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S2-5-2 Fasting & Emotions 

Fasting is an often misunderstood and neglected subject within the Christian community. While many religious cultures use fasting as part of their ritual, for the Christian, fasting is primarily a tool which can be used to aid us in our Christian walk. It is not to become a ritual. In this study we will look into the principles of fasting from a practical viewpoint, the benefits of fasting, both spiritual and physical, and the proper usage of this practice within the framework of the Christian faith-walk.

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S2-6-1 Demonology & Occultism 

Those claiming deliverance must be trusting in the finished work of the Cross and the power of deliverance which is available because of the shed Blood of Christ. They must be trusting and believing that when the energies and graces of the Divine Nature are absorbed by their human nature, they will have the power to rise above any fleshly desire or sin. They need to believe that when God’s power is at work on our hearts and minds, deliverance is at hand and nothing can stop His grace except us.

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S2-6-2 Spiritual Warfare

It is important to realize that, as Christians, we fight a spiritual battle - for the Word of God tells us that our real enemy today is not other people but Satan and his forces of wickedness working through yielded vessels:

We cannot see this enemy with our physical eyes, but we can see the effects of his influence in the wars, famines, diseases and suffering that oppress mankind today. Indeed the devil is not a fictitious figure but a real spiritual being who seeks to pervert and destroy all that is good.

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S2-7-1 Christians And Disciples 

Today, however, the word “disciple” and the word “Christian” can have quite different meanings. If a person is identified as a Christian, it does not necessarily mean that the person concerned is a disciple of Christ - for just being Christians does not automatically make us disciples.


At one time, the words “Christian” and “disciple” were almost synonymous. Years ago, many a person who was a Christian, would also have been a disciple - to some extent. This applied especially at a moral level, in bringing Christian standards to the home, the school and the community in general.

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S2-7-2 God's Plan Or Our Plan 

In this teaching, we will be examining various requirements for churches, ministries and individuals achieving success in the Lord. We will be looking at the primary ingredients needed to have a successful church, ministry or personal walk. And we will learn how vitally important it is to have a God-given plan so that we can each work towards the goal to which God has called us.

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S2-8-1 The Divine Nature And  The Sin Nature 

As we know, the Divine Nature is “implanted” or imparted through relationship. Indeed we become a “partaker” of the Divine Nature by Divine “connection.” Therefore, because we are in Christ, we have implanted inside us the Divine Nature. Realize this - that it is God Who owns the Divine Nature, but He chose at the beginning of the human race to create man to be complete only as He shares the energies of His Divine Nature with him. Adam lost this source of completeness and wholeness with God. Those who followed Adam were likewise deficient. Through the Cross, God restored what sin had taken from man, namely the grace of His Divine Nature.

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S2-8-2 The Trinity &        Deity Of Christ 

There is one true triune God eternally co-existent in three persons Who constitute the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Word and God the Holy Spirit. These three dwell together in perfect unity forming one heavenly government called God, and each of the three Divine persons we recognize to be God. “All three Persons of the Godhead are Divine and can be spoken of individually as “God” and collectively as “one God in the sense of unity.”

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